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Three OSU Students Receive ISA Scholarships



     Samyukta Koteeswaran                     Suresh Jayaraman                          Sunil Lakkakula


The International Society of Automation (ISA) has announced over $3400 in scholarship to three OSU students. Among them, 2 are from ChemE and one is from ECEN, and the three are working in diverse research fields, but all seeking PhDs in their respective degrees.  The ISA Educational Foundation is providing the scholarships. 

Samyukta Koteeswaran sees this as a positive sign. She is a PhD student in Chemical Engineering and her research is on Interaction of Oil and Gas Shale with Drilling Mud in Fracturing Fluids. She has been closely associated with the OSU Automation Society (an ISA Student Section) since 2012, the year she joined OSU as a Master’s student. She served as General Secretary from 2013-2014 and currently is the student section President.

Samyukta says, “Working in research related to petroleum I was initially skeptical about being a part of OSUAS, but the then officers and Dr. Rhinehart explained to me about how each industry, even if it is petroleum, the backbone is Automation. Now I encourage hundreds of other students with the same skepticism to be a part of our society understand and learn the importance of Automation and Process Control in our everyday lives. ISA scholarship has boosted my confidence and reinstated the fact that you can contribute to the field of Automation in many other ways”.  She also states that she will continue being a part of the Automation Society even after she graduates; and that she considers herself as an integral part of the society. Samyukta is very enthusiastic about OSU Automation Society and its students being identified at the national level and sees this as a welcoming sign for the new student members.

Suresh Jayaraman, who is receiving this scholarship for the second time, attributes it to the active participation in OSU Automation Society and his research. Suresh says, “I have been continuously associated with OSU automation society, a student chapter of International Society of Automation (ISA) in various leadership roles. I was serving as Public Relations Officer (PRO) in 2012-13, PRO and Alumni Networking officer during 2013-14. My association with the OSU automation society has given me an opportunity to co ordinate with fellow graduate students and people from automation industry. My involvement with the OSU automation society played a vital role in receiving Educational Foundation Scholarship from ISA for two consecutive years. I am currently working on Modeling and Optimization of Algal growth in order to make the production of bio fuel & other bio products from algae, economically viable.”

Suresh believes that teaching is his forte and he has a future in it. Suresh is also teaching Engineering Computer Programming course (ENGR 1412) for 2 sections of 20 students each.  He likes interacting with students and also believe teaching is a great way to pass on knowledge. Suresh regards teaching as a two way processes where you just don’t stop with teaching but also learn from students. 

Sunil Lakkakula is a PhD Student in Electrical Engineering.  He is an active participant, and was Vice-President and Design Contest Chair for the OSU Automation Society for the year 2012-2013. Sunil shares with us, “Since I became a member of the International Society of Automation through the OSU Automation Society at Oklahoma State University, I have developed a special interest in the field of automation. I have served as the Vice-President and Design Contest Chair for the OSU Automation Society for the year 2012-2013 and am a continuing member of the society. I thank OSU Automation Society for giving me a better exposure and knowledge towards the automation field through its activities and field trips to various automation industries. ISA recognizes its student members and student chapters by giving various scholarships and awards. Our student section at Oklahoma State has received the Section Excellence Award for the year 2012-2013. I am very happy that I am a recipient of the ISA Educational Foundation Scholarship recipient for the year 2014-15. I encourage all the students interested in automation career to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the ISA and excel in your area of study. In my research I am working on CMOS circuit optimization for speed and power by determining the optimum transistor widths using a simplified RC delay model which will help the circuit designers to quickly and efficiently meet the design performance specifications”.


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