Automation Society Wins 2013 Section Excellence Award

The Automation Society is the student section of the International Society of Automation (ISA) at Oklahoma State University. OSUAS is an interdisciplinary engineering group consisting primarily of graduate students pursuing careers in automatic control; they are also seeking to generate awareness of the importance of engineering control to others.  This year, OSUAS received the Section Excellence Award from ISA.  

There are roughly 150 professional sections and 160 student sections within the ISA.  As the sole section selected from all 310 sections worldwide to receive the Section Excellence Award is an outstanding achievement.

The ISA Section Excellence Award recognizes an ISA Section for development and execution of programs to advance the mission of the Society. As the winning section, the declaring citation read:  “For initiatives to bring exceptional value to the Section and its Members and for advancement of the Society.”

Section President, Upasana Manimegalai-Sridhar will receive the award on behalf of all section leaders during the 2013 ISA Automation Week conference in Nashville, TN, this November.

The recognition is supported by the growth in members and the broad impact of their many activities.  In three years, it has grown to about 70 members.  In 2013, the section organized an automation day, automation contest, poster contests, networking events, guest presentations, field trips, and also implemented a section newsletter and website ( to promote awareness of automation as a career choice and research focus.  The newsletter and website work in conjunction to facilitate careers through job postings and creates recognition for students and faculty working in automation. The automation contest challenged students to develop rules to manage a traffic light, including adaptability to traffic patterns, and minimizing stop-time and driver aggravation.

The adjacent photo shows the team of Chemical and Mechanical Engineering juniors who won the contest this past academic year. Shown in the photo are Ryan Hinchey (foreground left) and Griffin Radford (foreground right) with representatives from ExxonMobil, sponsors of the Automation Day (Chris Wells and Bill Morrison).  In the background are several OSU Automation Society officers and contest creator Sunil Kumar Lakkakula. Other sponsors of the event were Oklahoma State University SGA and corporate entities Yokogawa of America and Georgia-Pacific.

On a note to our current and past OSUAS section students:  Congratulations to all of the section leaders over the past several years!  The program has been building momentum and impact each year, and your collective initiative, creativity, planning, team work, and marketing brought to fruition events that add value to the community.  Companies will recruit you for this ability, which is as important as the advanced engineering skills that you are acquiring. The Section Excellence Award recognizes your outstanding success.  Write this on your resumes!