Relevant Courses

Courses relevant to automation at OSU. 

Course Number Course Name Instructor Semester

CHE 5703 

ECEN 5703

IEM 5023

MAE 5703

Optimization Application Dr. R. Russell Rhinehart Fall
CHE 5110 Advanced Process Control Lab Dr. R. Russell Rhinehart Summer
CHE 5853 Advanced Process Control Dr. R. Russell Rhinehart Spring
MAE5463 Nonlinear System Analysis and Control Dr. Prabhakar R. Pagilla Spring

CHE 5733

ECEN 5733

MAE 5733

Neural Networks Dr. Martin T. Hagan Spring

IEM 5133

MATH 5133

STAT 5133

Stochastic Processes Dr. Tieming Liu Spring

If you are a student who has taken a course that is relevant to automation, but do not find the course listed here, please email us at; we will be happy to add the course and its details to this list.